Silent Pirate, Chapter 6, Page 1

You’ve got to do a group pose before a battle. It’s practically a rule!

(There’s still no real reason for it though.)

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  1. Tigershark06


  2. DiscoMoregy42

    Hi. I just started reading Silent Pirate today, and I just wanted to say I think this webcomic is brilliant. <3
    By the way… Considering this is a comic about pirates where there's a fierce main female character as well as several oddball side characters, a wimpy yet loveable protagonist, bucket loads of references/easter eggs, and also considering the title to this chapter. . .
    Can I assume you're a Monkey Island fan? Because that would just be plain win. *^-^*

    • Ahmed

      Thank you! It’s great to have you on board, so to speak!

      Yeah, I’ve played Secret of Monkey Island and LeChuck’s Revenge and loved it. There’s another small reference to Monkey Island in Chapter 7, by the way, a minor character was designed loosely after Guybrush.

      • DiscoMoregy42

        haha… I thought so! ^_^
        By the way, over the past week I have become a total fan of your works and have read all of and gotten up to date with not only Silent Pirate, but I also finished reading that 24 hour comic Sex Cells, Antisoshell and Wilma’s Catalyst as well (which I can’t help but stress that you ought to eventually complete). . .
        It would be cool if you had a links page to all your other previous works…
        Your comics really are fabulously brilliant.

        • Ahmed

          o_O You found Sex Cells? I’m honestly slightly embarrassed by that one (towards the end it gets rushed and messy due to sleep deprivation)!
          I plan on giving Wilma’s Catalyst a proper ending someday. The main problem is that WC is from a phase where I wanted to be more like what I had considered a “Scott McCloud” cartoonist, with slice-of-life and metaphor and artsy panels and all that. Working on it made me realize I’m not really that kind of cartoonist…but it’s still unfair to leave the comic unfinished. I need to start setting up a deadline for that again.
          I don’t have too many other works online, actually. I post Pokémon fan comics/illustrations on DeviantArt, and I have a few comics for two university newspapers (The Miami Hurricane and The Daily Trojan), which are mostly topical to the universities in question, but that’s it.
          Thank you again for the kind comments!

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