Silent Pirate, Chapter 4, Page 10

Backstory time!


(There may have been more text on this page alone than in all the previous pages in this chapter, or at least close to it…)


Edit: In case there’s confusion, year-naming in this comic are alphabetically based, not numerically based. It’s not important to know, though…all that really matters in this comic is what happened, not when it happened.

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  1. Tigershark06

    Snort…so much for heartless and cruel…

  2. Michael C.

    I don’t know. prolonged exposure to outdated Memes could qualify as torture, just look back on how Silent Pirate was quickly overwhelmed

    • Ahmed

      !!!…that statement is actually more correct than you’d think…but it’ll have to wait for quite a few more chapters to see what I mean 🙂

  3. Mr V

    Welcome to Spiderforest, Ahmed, and your Silent Pirate!

    We need more ‘simple’, friendly and light-hearted strips in this collective. Stick together amongst all those long, cool looking graphic novel type pieces everyone else is putting out. 🙂

    I LOVED the old man saying ‘One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish’, too. 😛


    • Ahmed

      Thanks, Dutch! And yeah, we’ll be our own humor sub-collective or something! :p

  4. SPINE

    I thought he was a SHE this whole time!!

    • Ahmed


      (Note to self: give my male characters shorter hair :p)

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