Silent Pirate, Chapter 15, Page 1

(That filler page from Thursday was related to Chapter 15 the whole time!)

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  1. warbrand2

    why do I all the sudden get the feeling that 2 members of the group know bad guy beard… that doctor sure knows a lot about his machines.

    • Ahmed

      If this were a darker comic, that would actually have been a plot twist (Ignacio did come out of nowhere to help heal Peter and Kaia in the backstory, after all, and I haven’t really given him any personal backstory prior to joining the crew). However, this comic isn’t meant to get twisty like that, so don’t worry about it: Ignacio is with the good guys. He’s just smart, not evil :).

  2. Greg

    Hey, I’m back! So much to read up on!

    Man, it’s been a while hasn’t it? How’ve you guys been?

    • Ahmed

      Welcome back, Greg!

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