Silent Pirate, Chapter 14, Page 2

Not much of a surprise, but oh well. Time for revenge! >:)

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  1. Tigershark06

    There seems to be no image attached as far as a comic page goes! 🙁

    • Ahmed

      Odd, it’s showing up for me. Try refreshing it?

  2. Takai~

    They have a small city on the deck & a SW laser yet no form of sonar… I have no words <O,ov

    • Ahmed

      They ordered the deluxe model ship, but couldn’t afford the luxury model with bonus sonar attachments! They did get cup holders, though! :p

      • Takai~

        Welp… those cupholders shall be a godsend then considering the amount of tilting that will happen soon x3

  3. warbrand2

    ok they had the paper that warned people about the machines…. though they did use it to write a list. Any way you would think that city would have seen that coming.

    • Ahmed

      Well, keep in mind the Cerberus Pirates are a just a touch arrogant (though less so after facing the Breezy Pirates). They didn’t think they could be caught off guard again, much less taken out in one hit, and they were a bit distracted at the possibility of revenge.

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