Silent Pirate, Chapter 12, Page 5

I have something cool to share! A few days ago I met Christopher Paulsen of Precocious in person, and bought the ย first volume of his book (the second volume is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, by the way). He sketched a little something in it!


It’s his character Yvette (who doesn’t talk much) dressed as A Silent Pirate! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Tigershark06

    I can tell I’m not much of an internet nerd…I can only identify a few of the memes you’re presenting here…which is probably taking away from my enjoyment of the comedy happening here.

    • Greg

      Without help, I think I can name all of them but one.
      That’s either a good thing or a bad thing.

      • Ahmed

        Which one?
        (I’m thinking it’s a good thing. However, if it’s a bad thing, then I’m even worse off for drawing this in the first place)

        • Greg

          Well these are definitely not the only ones I know, I probably know just as much as you do. But without looking up anything, I could name them all but the monkey in the jacket. I don’t know it’s exact title.

          I love how you got some of my favorite memes, ORLY, Keyboard Cat, Actual Advice Mallard, Insanity Wolf, Philosoraptor, and Long Cat.

    • Ahmed

      Honestly, the meme references are only tangential to the gag of just how much worse A Silent Pirate’s situation has gotten.

      • Takai~

        So is this a ”Oh bloody hell fire” or ”the shit has hit the fan” situation?

        • Ahmed

          Why not both?

          • Takai~


  2. Bubbling Mud Heads

    Woooooo!!! Yvette as SP!! SP is awesome!!! and Precocious is a great comic too!!!!

  3. jumbleniter

    This is a amazing happenstance, I am currently reading (like as in this moment) precocious. Also it’s one of the few story arcs that yvette plays a role. The group projects one.

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