Silent Pirate, Chapter 12, Page 15

Ending the chapter off classily…yeah, right :p

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  1. Takai~

    Was that… a Harlem Shake? O.o

    • Ahmed


      • Takai~

        Welp, as classy as one can be wearing the awe-inspiring!
        Totally rad!
        Super tasty!
        Paper Captain’s Hat!

        • Greg

          +5 Literature
          -9 Water Resistance

  2. warbrand2

    so the robot, the rabit thing, the lama, and silent pirate are immuneish?

    • Ahmed

      Yeah (because none of them can talk, so they can’t express memes).

      • Greg

        That’s a pretty neat idea.

        • Michael C.

          So SP is immune as well because he’s silent? Could he express memes in Morse?

          • Ahmed

            Yes, but Meme Island’s effect only occurs if you speak the meme out loud. It’s like how if you say a number out loud, you may be more likely to memorize it than just thinking it to yourself.

          • Greg

            The real question is how will they fight Saturn and Uranus, now that almost half the crew has gone bonkers. Wyatt doesn’t count, he’s already nuts.
            I guess that means the majority of the crew that is now insane and unable to fight?…
            …Oh dear.

          • Ahmed

            @Greg: You almost perfectly predicted the wording of header of the next page before I finished it. -_-
            (Though the question of how they’ll beat those two…heh heh heh, you’ll see)

  3. Lyric Rainvale


  4. Lyric Rainvale

    You know something is wrong when Kaia is smiling.

    • Ahmed

      She’s up there with Mandy in the “Girls Whose Smile Brings Chaos” department :p (Note: YouTube video linked)

  5. Tigershark06

    OMG…that might just cause someone a seizure! LOL! CUTE ending to the chapter!

    • Ahmed

      Eep, you’re right! I’ve slowed it down a bit just in case D:

      (Also, thank you 🙂 )

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