Silent Pirate, Chapter 12, Page 12

Almost done with this interlude!

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  1. Takai~

    A ninja that doesn’t want to take down a pirate!? The impossibility!

    Also I hope there be a Pokémon Red cart in that Gameboy :3

  2. Pedro Rhian

    I wonder if that robot has appeared anywhere previously in the story……

  3. Greg

    Just wait a couple chapters, Past Wyatt. Pretty soon you’ll be fighting right alongside that robot!
    I wonder which of the robot giant’s gameboys Wyatt had to steal in order to carry out his plan. My first guess is Mercury’s.
    Speaking of Mercury, just wanted to point out that part of his shoulder is missing, if you want to fix that.

    • Ahmed

      Whoops! Thanks, it’s been fixed!

      • Greg

        No problem-o.

        Speaking of Mercury, I just finished making a realistic version of him, scarp metal and all. I was thinking of showing them when I was completely finished with all of them,, like a gallery of sorts

        • Ahmed

          Probably would be cooler to hold off for a bit and do it all at once…but I do kinda want to see it now. :p

          • Greg

            “You are not to see that now. Time will reveal it. Be patient.”
            – Swami Sivananda

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