Silent Pirate, Chapter 11, Page 6

And with that, Jupiter’s done for!

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  1. Tigershark06

    Okay this part has been bugging me somewhat. I think it’s pretty cool and all that our little robot friend is helping out the gang. What I’m not quite sure of here, is why….?

    I think I missed something, isn’t it a pirate hunter as well? Is he saving the honor for himself? Did the magnet affect his programming?

    I’m sure this answer is somewhere in the comic, I just can’t seem to remember it.

    • Noah

      I kinda am wondering the same thing.
      I mean I know that Pluto the planet got exiled from the club of planets, so I’m assuming Pluto the robot pirate hunter got exiled from the club of robot pirate hunters, and as such has joined the opposing side, but how that occurred I’m not really sure.
      Background exposition soon?

    • Ahmed

      Way back when Pluto was first introduced:

      Pluto was like any other Pirate Hunter…and then it tripped and broke the antenna controlling it. This allowed its A.I. to make decisions for itself, rather than following orders.

      (Also, the first three hunters made didn’t have their own A.I., so destroying their antenna essentially deactivated them)

      • Delphina

        Ohhhhh. I’d kinda been wondering that too! I thought he was just doing something cute and clumsy.

        • Ahmed

          Pluto was doing that as well! Meta-Multitasking! :p

      • Greg

        That’s true, but what would make him want to kill his own family and join the enemy he’s designed to hunt? That’s the part that is bugging me the most.

        In other news, today’s comic is the coolest thing i’ve seen all week.

        • Ahmed

          Pluto’s AI works a bit differently from the other Hunters with A.I., giving it more capacity for free will…and conversely, rebellion. It saw the actions of the other Pirate Hunters, didn’t approve, and rebelled. From the perspective of the Breezy Pirates, this is the good thing to do, though the comments here are making me realize that Silent Pirate is a much, much darker comic when read from the Hunters’ perspective.

          (Also, I’m glad to hear that, though I wasn’t too happy with the art on this page, to be honest)

          • Greg

            I can see what you mean, with Pluto being the most advanced robot and all(or is he?). But does rebellion justify why he goes against his family? Kinda sounds like a angsty teen who does the exact opposite of what his parents say to do out of spite.
            Or it could be because he’s developed…human emotions?

            And hey, we’re always here to help develop the story. What was once a one-man project is now more collaborative with the commenters! 😀

          • Ahmed

            Well, I really appreciate the input!

            (Pluto as a rebellious teenager? Now I’m imagining Pluto with acne and braces…but yeah, it does have emotions, and a code of honor)

          • Greg

            A code of honor is kinda obvious, being a ninja-pirate-samurai-robot and all. If he was a knight to boot, then he would have the best, and possibly most complicated, code to live by.

  2. Takai~

    Spiral Twister!

  3. lyric rainvale

    I bet Pluto could earn a great deal of money as a sushi chef.

  4. Disaster Master

    I would name that move SPIRAL CUTTER or BLADE TORNADO.

    • Ahmed

      Those are all awesome names! Along that line of thought, I’d be partial to Sword Hurricane myself :p

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