Silent Pirate, Chapter 11, Page 3

This isn’t Pluto’s most dignified moment, here…

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  1. supposed nerd

    silent pirate is there to lend a hand. even though that hand is a bucket of water.

    • Ahmed

      Actually, it gets worse: that wasn’t from a bucket! D:

      • supposed nerd

        haha, that’s a little disturbing. he does sweat a lot, doesn’t he?

  2. lyric rainvale

    I hope it didnt fry his circuitry!

    • Takai~

      Oh aye, can survive bowls of vile boiling acid, but it’s Achilles’ heel be a few drops of ”water”.

      Logic and science!

      • Ahmed

        Well…There was the lightning attack itself, though (but that would be one heck of a weakness :p )

    • Ahmed

      The shock jumbled things for a bit (you’ll notice it weakened the magnet), but Pluto’s systems compensated and came back to normal 😀

    • Lyric Rainvale

      I was talking about the combination of electricity and and… liquid

  3. Takai~
    • Ahmed

      PLuto, stop prancing around!

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