Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 7

First, I’d like to share this fan art Lyric Rainvale (from the comments) drew! It’s so danged heartwarming!




Speaking of the comments, I was originally going to go with a generic battle scene, but all the talk of bosses, Final Fantasy, and Pok√©mon led to me heading in a…gamier…direction.


EDIT: The Gallery is also no longer a blank page! It’s now a place for me to post stuff!

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  1. Greg

    thank GOD we didnt see the poop attack.

    • Ahmed

      Large mammals and pirates are definitely not known for their dainty feces. Mix the two together and it’s a disaster zone!

      • Greg

        I cant imagine how they got Hope potty-trained.
        if potty-trained meant that she at least relieves herself in the bathroom.

        • Ahmed

          It was a very, very messy week on The Floating Impossibility

          • Greg

            Until they found a mute cabin-boy to take care of the job

  2. Lyric Rainvale

    I’d like to see a combo of standing around, digging, and getting hurt bu accident. It seems like it would take a great amount of skill to pull off.

    • Ahmed

      That’d be quite a sight, alright. (Though Demetri’s other attack hurts the enemy by accident, and the “combo” moves are combined attacks with the other crew members…but, come to think of it, that also includes a combo move between Demetri’s dig and Hope’s poop attack. “Two Pirates, One Hole”? I’m…gonna need some Brain Bleach)

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