Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 2

Remember, folks, be sure to recycle your looted giant robot parts!

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  1. Greg

    Pirate Hunter X-III-Terra
    The first in the series with an acid-proof hairstyle

    • Ahmed

      The metal bun: A style impervious to all punishment!

      (Actually, as you’ll see soon, it isn’t the only Hunter immune to acid…)

      • Takai~

        ~gasp~ crushed glass covers their bodies?

        Or magic?

        • Ahmed

          Magic, definitely magic.

          (The metal alloy used for the Hunters is, for sciencey reasons, resistant to acidic corrosion…and I apparently don’t remember a single thing I learned in any of my chemistry classes :p. Something about not donating hydrogen?)

          • Greg

            not the only one eh? well, what im guessing is that….


            Pluto uses the magic acid moat to melt the anchor, while he remains unharmed, and is freed from his magnetic prison.

          • Ahmed

            A good guess, but I have something else planned…something weirder (and that honestly probably won’t make any sense, but oh well…)

          • Takai~

            I’m not allowed to donate hydrogen now?

            So it got the anchor detached from the ship hows?

  2. Lyric Rainvale

    The story just isnt right when I read it righ to left for some reason.

    • Ahmed

      I was under the impression it just wasn’t right, period :p

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