Silent Pirate, Chapter 16, Page 4

Heeeere he comes to save the daaaaay! :p

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  1. Lyric Rainvale

    I’d rage quit too. He probably had to get those bullets special ordered.
    (or is there a Villainous Pirate Robot Supply?)

    • Ahmed

      How does he order his materials? I’m sure Evil, Inc. is likely involved somehow! Or, possibly, from this guy from Supervillainous?

  2. Lyric Rainvale

    Not only does that clarify where the abundance tools needed for the super villain trade come from, but it helps complete my ever present task: finding new web comics.

    • Greg

      There are plenty of great webcomics out there, but there is only one(that I know of anyway) when it comes to pirates fighting giant robots.

      Wait. Nevermind, BASICcomic does that too.
      But don’t worry, you had the idea first, Ahmed.

      • Ahmed

        Darn it, their comic’s so much better than mine! D:

        • Greg

          What? No I didn’t mean that at all!!! D:

          • Ahmed

            I know! I was just saying, from what I read of Basic, it has much better art and writing. My reaction to that was kind of an exaggeration/joke though!

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