Silent Pirate, Chapter 15, Page 12

Robot-ninja controllers are a good source  of calcium!


…Well, now that that’s out of the way, surely Badguybeard has nothing left in his arsenal, right?

(3 pages left until Sol!)

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  1. Tachyon

    Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to remote-pilot robots…

  2. Pedro Rhian

    Putting learning AI into a remote-controlled robot? That was always going to fail.

  3. Linkletter

    I didn’t catch it before, but I love how the remote-controll is a Nintendo controller. Who wants to play Silent Pirate 64?

    • Greg

      Oh man

      Exploring the world with everyone for treasures. That’d be great.

      I think Pluto should get his own game; a SoTC parody where the colossi are the other robots.

      • Linkletter

        Shadow of the Planet-bots? I’d play it.

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