Silent Pirate, Epilogue, Final Page

And Wyatt gets the last word.

…Or not, because I have things to say! Silent Pirate‘s been a presence in my life the past few years, and a lot of amazing things have happened because of it. It hasn’t gone “big” in the usual sense, but:

-it joined a wonderful collective.

-it became a part of a ridiculously fun trading card game.

-it helped me accomplish something difficult, that I didn’t really think I could.

-I got to write a world with giant robots, Robot-Ninja-Samurai-Pirates, limbless doctors, closed-eyed navigator twins, Weird Rabbit Things, Vending Machine chefs, a llama, a tough captain, a meme-spouting first mate, and a silent cabin boy.

-and, it got read by you guys, who enjoyed it, made some great fan art, and left comments that made the day of a certain amateur cartoonist.

In the end, what makes a webcomic truly a webcomic isn’t simply it being put on the web, but the interaction between one reader and another, and the interaction between the readers and the creator. Thanks for making Silent Pirate a true webcomic, guys.

I might return to Silent Pirate, as I’m considering putting it together in book form, and that would require extras…but that’s still up in the air right now.

If you think you’d like to read my next work, here’s a clue. I’ll be posting about it here when it launches.

-Ahmed, signing off for now 🙂

TL;DR: you guys made Silent Pirate worthwhile, and I can’t state enough how much that meant to me. Also, this.